Running a business might not have been what you had in mind when you decided to become a doctor. With the title of business owner come several new responsibilities that might not have crossed your mind. Which EHR software are you going to use? What legal structure are you going to shape your business around? What about the various billing issues that are inevitably going to arise?

ZDoggMD’s popular video laments that today’s EHR solutions don’t have enough medical basis, and are essentially billing modules with a few clinical features thrown in as an afterthought. We suspect ZDogg has never tried PrognoCIS! It is first an Electronic Medical Record solution which was expanded to include medical billing services for the convenience of our members. Using PrognoCIS, you’ll be prepared for any kind of billing issue as we have a variety of payment solutions built right into the interface for a quick recovery.

Integrated Online Patient Payments

PrognoCIS offers online patient payments to provide additional payment support and access built-in to our software. We support simple and secure credit card processing, saving time and resources spent on clunky third-party card processing systems. With these quick and secure transactions, patients have the option to make payments conveniently from home via the PrognoCIS Patient Portal. Records are kept of all payments, whether they are on the phone, mailed-in, or over the counter. The online payments feature documents all credit card payments processed by patient, employers, or insurance providers and keeps them stored locally in one place.

Patient Payment Plans

A word to the wise: not all your patients are going to be able to pay for their procedures in full all at once, so how do you reconcile large patient bills against your bottom line? With PrognoCIS, you can arrange for the payment to be processed in installments, which assists in the quality of care and helps build a harmonious relationship based on trust by not forwarding your patients’ accounts to a collection agency. The function inside the interface is easy to use and easy to track, with customized templates to help you set up installment recovery as quickly and efficiently as possible. As with the online payment feature, there is robust documentation capacity to keep track of defaulters.

Employer Billing for Occupational Medicine

With our Occupational Medicine EHR solution, there is also a feature for billing employers directly, which is great for practices that are contracted to provide medical care for employees of a given company. Say, for instance, you were contracted with a Fortune 500 company whose resources allow direct relationships with clinical locations; they pay directly for lab panels or drug tests. With PrognoCIS employer billing you would be able to bill directly, instead of going through each individual patient. The customizable billing templates also make it easy to track employer balances and payments separately from those of insurance and patients.

Now that we’ve seen that ICD-10 wasn’t as scary or time consuming as we previously thought, we know we can process payment as quickly as ever. With PrognoCIS billing, we’ve added a whole array of features to help you process any type of payment, for any kind of problem.

Author: Cory Clark

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