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Pediatric healthcare comes with its own set of needs and challenges. The provider not only has to take care of the child, but they must also interact with and gain the trust of the parents. Using EMR software that has been customized for pediatrics is one way the provider can save both time and money while improving the quality of care.  

EMRs can be installed on a variety of devices such as computers, tablets, and smart phones. The software includes a vast array of time and money-saving features such as file sharing and data storage. This means more time to interact with the patients and focus on superior healthcare.

Through EMRs, pediatricians can easily pull up information from previous visits such as physical exams, treatment plans, and medical history. Family history and immunization records are stored and formatted in EMRs for retrieval at the patient’s next visit. Pediatric EMR systems are able to interface to state vaccination registries in order to review and add to the patient’s vaccination history.

The pediatrician can review the patient’s medical history so that when a prescription is needed, it can be sent to the parent’s pharmacy of choice and signed for, all electronically. Bizmatics provides pediatric software that includes an integrated pediatric dosage calculator and drug interaction checking to ensure that the patients are receiving the proper treatment.

Children are constantly growing and changing which is something that providers need to be able to accurately monitor. Pediatric EMR systems possess developmental milestone charts and age/gender specific growth charts to make sure that the child is healthy and on track. There are multiple charts available including WHO and Down syndrome growth charts.

EMR software can also benefit the parents. By using an EMR system, parents can have instant online access to their child’s medications, immunizations, appointments, and results. They can print physical and school forms all with the click of a button.

Pediatricians require a system that can keep up with the demands of providing healthcare to children. A pediatric EMR solution can do that. Through various devices, records, and capabilities, both providers and parents can rest assured that the patient is well taken care of.

Author: Lauren Daniels

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  1. I think the two most important benefits of using EMR for pediatrics is being able to track medication history, especially drug allergies, and having access to state vaccination registries. It could be a deadly situation if a child is given the wrong type of medicine or comes down with a serious illness, like TB, because he/she wasn’t vaccinated.

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