Pediatrics EHR Software

Our Pediatric EHR is therefore built with custom features, reports, charts and templates for providing quick and easy access to the child’s history, progress notes and test results,

Pediatrics EHR Software

Pediatrics Software Includes:

  • HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 compliant, and Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified
  • Vitals and laboratory results range by age and gender
  • Track clinical quality measures; sick and well-child visit workflows
  • Growth chart data in multiple formats: children with Down syndrome, as well as CDC and WHO
  • Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT)
  • Immunization auto coder and tracker; prescribing of medications based on the age and weight of each child
  • Parents’ documentation requirements; financial responsibility data
  • Quick ability to print standard forms, such as school physicals
  • Charge capture is an automatic by-product of your documentation
  • Customized SOAP note templates; E&M coding assistance

As seen in American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) buyers’ guide.

Visit the California Primary Care Association and find us in the CPCA buyer’s guide.

Pediatrics EHR Software Workflow:

Pediatricians provide comprehensive and specialized care and treatment for a child from infancy to adolescence. They provide manifold services in various aspects of health issues which range from immunizations, treatment for acute and chronic conditions, ADHD evaluation to behavioral, or developmental disorders.

  • Customizable, pediatric care templates.
  • Pediatric content examples: Well child, Sick visit, TB risk assessment, iScreen, M-CHAT, Developmental testing, Audiometry, ADHD evaluation, Different drug administration templates like Tylenol Administration, Benadryl Administration.
  • Age-specific, development screenings, with associated order sets helps to ensure smoother, faster clinical charting.
  • Age-specific Immunization protocols and tracking.
  • Supports Immunization registry interface in most states, nationwide.
  • Pediatric-specific patient education materials or you can import your own.
  • Sibling Management: Quick, effective navigation between siblings’ charts, enables quick family overview, for swift diagnosing and plan for treatment.
  • CDC and WHO growth chart templates. Clinical Calculators for BMI/BSA and all types of percentile enables the system to plot all charts without any human intervention.

Is Your Practice Using PrognoCIS Pediactric EHR?

PrognoCIS values the support and care that a Pediatricians and their clinic provide to children and their families. We have a multitude of templates to track child visits, growth data, screening, immunization, medication and more. 

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