Pediatrics EHR Software

Our Pediatric EHR is built with custom features, reports, charts and templates
for quick and easy access to the child’s history, progress notes and test results

Pediatrics Software Includes:

  • HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 compliant, and Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified
  • Vitals and laboratory results range by age and gender
  • Track clinical quality measures; sick and well-child visit workflows
  • Growth chart data in multiple formats: children with Down syndrome, as well as CDC and WHO
  • Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT)
  • Immunization auto coder and tracker; prescribing of medications based on the age and weight of each child
  • Parents’ documentation requirements; financial responsibility data
  • Quick ability to print standard forms, such as school physicals
  • Charge capture is an automatic by-product of your documentation
  • Customized SOAP note templates; E&M coding assistance

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Table of Contents

Pediatrics ehr

Pediatrics EHR Software Workflow:

Pediatricians provide comprehensive and specialized care and treatment for a child from infancy to adolescence. They provide manifold services in various aspects of health issues which range from immunizations, treatment for acute and chronic conditions, ADHD evaluation to behavioral, or developmental disorders.

  • Customizable, pediatric care templates.
  • Pediatric content examples: Well child, Sick visit, TB risk assessment, iScreen, M-CHAT, Developmental testing, Audiometry, ADHD evaluation, Different drug administration templates like Tylenol Administration, Benadryl Administration.
  • Age-specific, development screenings, with associated order sets helps to ensure smoother, faster clinical charting.
  • Age-specific Immunization protocols and tracking.
  • Supports Immunization registry interface in most states, nationwide.
  • Pediatric-specific patient education materials or you can import your own.
  • Sibling Management: Quick, effective navigation between siblings’ charts, enables quick family overview, for swift diagnosing and plan for treatment.
  • CDC and WHO growth chart templates. Clinical Calculators for BMI/BSA and all types of percentile enables the system to plot all charts without any human intervention.

Standard Pediatric Content Template Library

PrognoCIS provides the following as part of the standard content for our Pediatric EHR clinics.

Built-in a set of templates library for HPI, ROS, Physical, Procedures, and intake forms. Templates can be easily tweaked/ customized as per individual practice needs.

PrognoCIS Immunization module has a complete vaccine list from newborn till 18 yrs of age as per CDC guidelines. The system automatically schedules vaccines based on the child’s age. It is very convenient for clinical staff to track and administer vaccines easily on the Facesheet. PrognoCIS is connected with most of the State Immunization registries, so administered vaccine data gets easily transferred.

Immunization Screen for Pediatrics

When it comes to Well Child exams, a growth chart is extremely important. PrognoCIS has a complete list of age and gender-specific growth charts. There are different charts for boys and girls, for infants and for older children along with down syndrome as per WHO and CDC guidelines.

chart of body mass index for girls

PrognoCIS sibling management feature enables:

– Associate a patient with his or her sibling(s)
– Update patient’s details with that of sibling details and vice a versa
– Helps clinical staff/ providers to quickly access siblings charts on the encounter page for any reference without selecting it from the patient list.

Sibling screen of PrognoCIS ehr software

PrognoCIS prescription module, send eRx, received electronic refill messages in the system and fetch Medication History via Surescripts.

The pediatric dosage calculator helps to determine a child’s dose based on age and weight.

Prescription screen of Prognocis EHR software

Inbuilt preferred list of Drugs, ICD, CPT, HCPC, Labs, Radiology Tests as per Pediatrics specialty.

ICD Preferred ListICD codes with their description

Preferred CPT and HCPCCPT & HCPC codes for pediatrics

Pediatrics specific visit types and associated workflows help to quickly get through charting. Workflows are fully customizable and can be designed as per practice-specific needs.

History of Present illness templates includes
– Well visit templates newborn up to 18-21 yrs
– Sick visit templates
– 18 ASQ3 Forms for the age group 2 months to 60 months

Pediatrics database comes with below forms inbuilt not
limited too.
– Asthma Action Plan
– NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale- 55 questionnaire – ADHD
– Patient Medical History Intake forms
– Lead Screening
– TB Risk Assessment
– Dental Risk Assessment
– Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire
– Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9)
– Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale
– Pediatric Symptoms Checklist (PSC-17)

– New Patient Physical,
– Follow up Physical exams
– Well-child physical exams
– Sports Physical, School Physical
– Adolescent Physical

– Birth History, Family History
– School, Diet History
– Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco use, Vaping History
– Sexual History, Abuse History

– Nebulizer Tx
– Allergy shot
– Foreign Body Removal
– Fish Hook removal
– School entry evaluation
– Suture removal/ Wound care
– Child abuse evaluation
– Vision Screen
– iScreen
– Hearing Screen

Drug Administration (MEA) like
– Benadryl Administration
– Ibuprofen Administration
– Rocephin Administration
– Tylenol Administration
– Vitamin B12 Administration

Create letters using inbuilt templates. Use PrognoFax (efax) mode to quickly send out
letters to other physicians’ offices, insurance, hospitals in a single click.

– Blank Letter template with Letterhead/Logo
– Leave of Absence Request
– Return to school certificate
– Return to Work certificate
– Referral Letter/Consult
– Vaccine Overdue reminder letter

Template for Procedure/ medical treatment Consent, HIPAA, NPP (notice of privacy
practices) and any other legal documents can be easily added. Legal documents can be
sent to portal/ ProCheckIn and patient can e-sign.

Other Features

– Missed appointment
– Daily schedule, weekly schedule
– No Show appointment list
– Top 10 diagnosis
– Top 10 medication prescribed
– Procedures list in a given period

Labs, Radiology and Practice Managements, Immunization registry as well as HIE interfaces with standard HL7 protocol.

Order different types of referrals using the Order Sheet module e.g. list is not limited too
– Allergy Referral
– Behavioral Pediatrics Referral
– Pediatric Cardiology Referral
– Dental Referral
– Speech Therapy Referral
– Developmental Pediatric Referral
– Dietician Referral
– Pediatric Cardiology

Generate a patient list of No Shows, follow up recalls, overdue vaccines, upcoming appointments and many more. Send quick email reminders or make phone calls manually and document the comments like Voicemail left/ appointment confirmed, rescheduled etc.

Standard PrognoCIS Features

PrognoCIS EHR is an incredibly robust and secure EHR. Taking a closer look at the inner workings will reveal a true understanding of just how well this software can work and be adapted to Your personal requirements.  

  • Quick patient registration
  •  Appointment module with reminders (TEXT, Telephone call reminder- integration with iPhone)
  • Waitlist feature
  • Email reminders
  • Health Maintenance, Follow up due, upcoming appointments
  • Insurance Verification thru Trizetto
  • One-touch scanning
  • OCR card scanning- ID and insurance card
  • Integrity/ Open Edge Credit card processing for co-pay collections and bill pay
  • Patient portal web-based as well App (My Health Records)
  • ProCheckIn
  • Medical history
  • Facesheet
  • Multiple Facesheet layouts to display and track the data
  • Lab, Radiology, and Vital matrix
  • Notifications for Lab and rad review
  • Order management
  •  Referral management tracking
  • RFA (Request for Authorization) Module
  •  CCD and CCR files export/import
  • Secured messaging, N2N
  • MIPS/MACRA Certified
  • iPhone app for physicians
  • Intake forms

Customer Success Story – Selma Pediatrics

Selma Pediatrics required a complete solution – an automated system to handle their workflow. “PrognoCIS EHR not only helped us achieve our needs in a timely manner, but the software also increased the speed with which we were able to meet those needs.”  

Read Complete Case Study

Selma Pediatrics Medical Practice

Is Your Practice Using PrognoCIS Pediactric EHR?

PrognoCIS values the support and care that a Pediatricians and their clinic provide to children and their families. We have a multitude of templates to track child visits, growth data, screening, immunization, medication and more. 

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

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