There is a lot of misinformation and myths that are floating around EHR’s in the healthcare industry. This article provides many myths and truths to clearly present the factual information.

Electronic Health Record Misconceptions

Myth #1: Using an EHR is costly and will reduce my productivity

The cost of having an EHR per day is less than having a soup and sandwich at a coffee shop. Using the right EHR for your practice and specialty can be a true program for efficiency and productivity. Each practice is very different in so many ways. PrognoCIS can be tailored and scaled to fit your practice exactly as you need it. There are ways to continuously modify your workflow as you desire. Templates can be modified on the fly and used again for easy retrieval. The EHR market has transformed many paper chasing medical practices into models of efficiency.

Myth #2: EHR’s are still not ready for “Prime Time”

A mature EHR is ready for Prime Time. Just as each medical provider has a different specialty so does each EHR product. The “Right EHR” may not have crossed your sight of vision. The laborious task of research can show an EHR typically skin deep. Once the inner workflow and design has been demonstrated, many EHR’s including PrognoCIS can do most anything. Maturity and input from medical professionals have assisted in creation of a Prime Time EHR ready as out-of-the-box or desired customization with little effort.

Myth #3: I can’t exchange a patient’s data with the hospital

EHR vendors should be able to demonstrate vendor-neutral communication for separate systems. If you have questions or are unfamiliar with the process, talk to your vendor. They’re there to help you. ONC is also working to prioritize health IT challenges and subsequently improve and organize standards, specifications, and implementation guidelines in order to solve the problems associated with interoperability. ONC is responsible for managing these standards and specifications that support interoperability, ensuring that they are relevant in a variety of health information exchange scenarios.

Myth #4: I’ll be forced to change my workflow to fit the software

A mature, well-designed EHR will allow you to maintain your current workflow by allowing for individual customization, even within the same practice based on provider preferences and specialty. PrognoCIS EHR is designed to be “out-of-the-box” based on the amount of user input received during a maturation period of 14 years and thousands of doctors. Yes, there are companies that feel they “know best” and have created a workflow based on some paid consultants. This may or may not work for you. Always ask about customization and the possible costs associated with enhancements.

Myth #5: The EHR vendor owns the patient records

This should never be the case. Don’t allow an EHR vendor to keep your data from you whenever you ask for it. In fact it’s a good idea to ask for a Snapshot of your records when you feel the need. The records are yours; however, the EHR vendor may have a cost associated with data extraction. Always ask.

Author: Lauren Daniels

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