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Easily integrate with PrognoCIS EHR to manage your practice’s medical billing.


Simple & Intuitive Healthcare Practice Management Software

Seamlessly integrating with, our cloud-based Practice Management solution allows for quick and easy billing management, which enables your practice to:

  • Quickly identify and confirm patient insurance benefit eligibility level and copay
  • Work with many different clearinghouses
  • Efficiently manage your accounting books
  • Easily reconcile patient accounting and insurance billing
  • Quick and easy online patient payments and EOB/ERA processing
  • Customized Statements

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Why choose PrognoCIS for Medical Billing Practice management


There are a number of reasons why PrognoCIS should be the solution of your choice. 

We have a reliable support team who can provide you with on-going training and educational resources to ensure you are making the most of the medical practice management software.

It is easy to manage and offers exceptional functionality.

If you’re looking for affordable medical billing practice management software, you won’t be disappointed with our prices!

Our cloud base software operates on Mac, Linux, Windows, and the Web.

Supports all kinds of healthcare providers, including large enterprises and small businesses.

Trusted, secure, and certified healthcare practice management software. Our software is certified by ONC ATCB and CCHIT. You can keep your records and data safe when you use our service.


Explore Practice Management Features & capabilities

Practice management software integrates with PrognoCIS EHR to deliver precise medical billing solutions

Powerful Medical Practice Management System to Simplify Your Business

Our healthcare Practice management system has a very robust tasking system. You can quickly find and assign claims to work on using a filter-based search function.

You can filter and search outstanding claims by around 100 different parameters, including patient vs. insurance responsibility, primary/secondary/tertiary payer or payer grouping, provider, date of service, aging bucket, and denial reason. Filters can be saved and reused later.

Once claims are worked in the tasking module, feedback from the completed task can be easily found and filtered on the outstanding claim screen. Some automated tasking functions will assign claims to be worked after a specific date from claim sending.

Charge entry is captured in the EHR during documentation. It can be automated so that when the provider completes the documentation, the applicable ICD and CPT codes are in the claim and ready to be scrubbed. The claims go into a bucket to be scrubbed and then are submitted to the clearinghouse in a bulk fashion once the scrubbers have determined that the claim is ready. Electronic claim scrubbers can be added to ensure that the claim is clean and the appropriate ICD and CPT combinations are matched up. You can also create custom claim scrubbers by payer, provider, and location.

Any rejected claims are put into a bucket that can be monitored daily for refiling. The denied claims area gives you the ability to sort, and group denied claims to work. Templated letters are available for appeals, which can be faxed directly from the claim screen. The clearinghouse functions give you the ability to refile claims at the clearinghouse level versus logging into the payer’s website. 

The patient account screen contains all of the information regarding a patient's claims and links to any supporting information, including progress notes, EOBs, previous payments by all parties, and patient statements.

The patient statement can also be seen and printed from the appointment register screen at the front desk. Patient statements can be sent electronically through the patient portal software or printed from the billing side. Dunning messages can be added throughout the collection process.  

ERAs can be posted in batches and can be edited prior to posting. Copays don't automatically post to the E/M code - they go into a holding tank until the EOB comes back, and then they automatically post to the code the payer applied them to.

The insurance eligibility screen also shows the patient's address that the payer has in their system, which helps with returned mail/statements.  

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Advantages and Benefits of using Physician Practice Management System


Easy Scheduling

Patient Eligibility, Insurance & Copay Management

Multi clearinghouses Coordination

Efficiently manage your accounting books

Dr using Practice Managment solution

Easily reconcile patient accounting and insurance billing

Quick and easy online patient payments

EOB/ERA processing

Customized Statements

Prognocis Medical Billing Dashboard

Several hundred billing reports are available in the system, along with a customizable dashboard. Watch below medical billing functionality video. 

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Software FAQ

Healthcare practice management software has been designed so that you can generate reports, perform billing tasks, keep a list of insurance payers, schedule appointments, and capture patient demographics. Of course, the exact functionality is going to differ from provider to provider. Nevertheless, these practice management software systems are there to ensure that medical practices are able to efficiently and effectively manage daily operations, especially administrative and financial functions at their practice.

Physician practice management software is imperative because it helps medical practices to run as efficiently as possible. Without this software, such tasks would need to be carried out manually. Not only does this take much more time, but it is more likely that mistakes will happen when workers are carrying out tasks by hand. With practice management software systems, billing duties especially are made a breeze. The appropriate medical billing needs to take place after every patient visits your practice. With the right practice management software solution, the billing process can become automated. This also makes it a lot easier for administrative staff to process insurance claims.

As mentioned, improving efficiency is one of the main benefits associated with practice management software solutions. However, you may be wondering how this is the case. Well, with practice management software, you are going to be organizing and maintaining all of your patient records, ensuring that you are also informed regarding insurance coverage details. This software also enables you to bill for co-payments accurately after each appointment, as well as being able to keep track of deductibles for each patient. All of this leads to a much more efficient running of your practice.

It is important to recognize that the features available with practice management software are going to differ from provider to provider. Nevertheless, at PrognoCIS, we have worked hard to make sure that you have all of the features that you would expect, and more.

There are a lot of common features with practice management solutions, including

  • validation of procedures for a diagnosis
  • tracking patient balances
  • verifying insurance eligibility
  • appointment scheduling
  • claims management tools
  • coding assistance,
  • general billing so that numerous tasks can be automated, such as sending out electronic bills.

Prices of Practice Management software vary widely, depending on the features required, capacity, and technology advancement.

The average cost for practice management software, per provider, is between $300 and $430 per month. This can run up to $600 per month for a fully-integrated EHR Practice Management system. This depends upon the medical provider and healthcare requirements.

PrognoCIS Medical Practice Management software is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market at the moment. For software costs, you can contact us

Medical practice management software is used primarily in medical and healthcare practices. 

Its core purpose is to help

  • organize administrative tasks
  • streamline appointment bookings
  • simplify invoice creation and billing
  • and manage client or patient medical records. 

Practicing medical or healthcare business is a challenging task, requiring effort and expertise. 


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What People Say

"Using the Prognocis EMR system has enabled me quick access to my patient's records and avoid the hassles of looking for patient information which ultimately helped me with better care and at an efficient time. I have found prognoCis more beneficial visually, better interaction and communication with my patients"
"It is with pleasure that I recommend PrognoCIS EMR and Revenue management. I spend less time charting with the user-friendly EMR, and our collections improved immediately with Michelle and her staff of professional billers. To be blunt, they reduce stress. Thank you PrognoCIS."
"I have been very pleased with the service I get regarding my billing with PrognoCIS EHR. The team I am assigned with is wonderful! We communicate daily, we work together, all of my questions are answered and problems solved in a timely manner and we continuously work on strategies to make the process more efficient. I could not be more pleased and would highly recommend them to all of my colleagues."
"The team is very reliable and transparent in their billing activities. Denials are worked on to the best they could. Our billing manager, Dawn, always addressed any questions or concerns that we have. We communicate with her on a regular basis. Highly recommend Prognocis RCM."

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

Please fill in your details with the best contact email and phone number.

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We would like to invite you to take a demonstration of PrognoCIS EHR to fully appreciate the depth of content, features and simplicity of use.

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