Medical Billing & Practice Management

Medical Billing & Practice Management

Easily integrate with PrognoCIS EHR to manage your practice's medical billing

Medical Billing Software from PrognoCIS

Seamlessly integrating with PrognoCIS EHR, our Practice Management solution allows for quick and easy billing management, which enables your practice to:

  • Quickly identify and confirm patient insurance benefit eligibility level and copay
  • Work with many different clearinghouses
  • Efficiently manage your accounting books
  • Easily reconcile patient accounting and insurance billing
  • Quick and easy online patient payments and EOB/ERA processing
  • Customized Statements

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Medical Billing Charts

6 Hidden Gems to Resolve Your Denied Medical Claims

See what features our Medical Billing Software has to offer.

1. Electronic Remits (0:26)
2. PaperResolve (1:46)
3. Statements/BillFlash (3:44)
4. Eligibility Checks (10:03)
5. Denial Management (13:52)
6. Auto-Claim Creation (19:33)


PrognoCIS works with various different clearinghouses for consistent claims management. If your clearinghouse is not listed here, let us know and we will be happy to work with you.

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Join the 99% Club

Medical Billing software from PrognoCIS enables you to efficiently complete your billing with features such as eligibility checking and auto-claim creation. Have you heard of TriZetto’s 99% Club yet? If you are a provider using PrognoCIS EHR and 99% of the claims you have submitted to TriZetto have been error free for a month, you qualify. Learn more about how you can become a member of The 99% Club.

We also offer Medical Account Resolution Services to help your practice manage outstanding patient statements. When you sign up for the service, our partners at Transworld Systems will work with you to contact patients and settle your accounts.