[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PrognoCIS is a leading electronic health record software for the ambulatory care setting – streamlined for interoperability and ease of use. The software features a scalable package, with cloud-based or client-server models, from single-physician clinics to large, multi-location and specialty. With PrognoCIS EHR you can seamlessly communicate between the various areas of your practice, with multiple methods of data entry such as point-and-click, voice, and handwriting recognition.

These additional PrognoCIS Productivity Features are tools which further optimize the workplace. They are designed to create an environment that is efficient, secure, and stress-free.

Safe and Reliable Prescriptions

PrognoCIS has made it quick and easy to refill prescriptions online. By partnering with Surescripts, PrognoCIS offers e-Prescription technology which saves time and minimizes lost or unfilled prescriptions. E-Prescription technology streamlines the doctor/patient relationship by giving the doctor a convenient and efficient way to prescribe medication. By giving the provider a patient’s Prescription Benefit Information (PBI) with details such as eligibility, drug formulary, and lower cost alternatives, the provider knows exactly what to prescribe the patient. Providers also have access to a patient’s medication history, showing current and past prescriptions, in order to ensure no conflicting medications are prescribed.

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Secure Online Credit Card Payments

A doctor’s job is not to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with tedious billing procedures. A doctor’s chief priority should be the patient. PrognoCIS has enabled online patient payments to create a transaction environment that is efficient and secure. This feature allows businesses to securely collect co-pays and advances and manage payment plans creating a stress-free environment for provider and patient. Patients can easily pay medical fees from the comfort of their homes, and instantly and securely send billing to the provider, as the data is sent through PrognoCIS itself.

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Authenticated Document Signing

Gone are the days of eco-unfriendly, time consuming, and error-prone paper-based processes. PrognoSign is PrognoCIS ‘ way of offering a verifiable and safe way for users to electronically sign documents using a mouse, tablet, or stylus. By converting to a paperless signing method, PrognoSign saves the provider money by eliminating the costs of printing, faxing, and overnighting. With the software, the provider has complete control over every aspect of transactions and can see the document in real time, whether or not the document has been signed or not. PrognoSign is HIPPA compliant, ensuring all information is authenticated, remaining both private and secure.

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Intelligent Speech Recognition Software

Most physicians speak over 120 wpm, while type less than 40 wpm. By creating a dictation system that is streamlined and accurate boosts the efficiency and interoperability of the provider. With the integration of the PrognoCIS iPhone app and Dragon cloud service, medical staff can dictate chart notes and letters on an iPad and iPhone, and have it seamlessly converted to text into their medical records. The speech recognition software features a robust vocabulary which gives the doctor access to the latest medical terms and clinical formatting rules; doctors can also insert their own vocabulary into the software. The integrated visual indicators on the software give the doctor an easy way to tell if the video components are working, and to see the exact audio levels of the software upon speech.

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Cloud-based Faxing and Texting

PrognoCIS offers an e-cloud faxing service called PrognoFax. Prognofax is a way to quickly send one-touch faxes anywhere, anytime, without additional hardware installed. By using Prognofax, the provider increases productivity, as staff can fax online or via email. Users of Prognofax avoid costly fees for in-house fax servers and outdated fax machines. This in-cloud service is HIPPA compliant and offers a variety of security features such as firewalls, redundancies, and other secure-fax technologies.

PrognoCIS also offers a texting service which allows medical staff to send appointment reminders and lab results—all through PrognoCIS. Our texting service allows doctors to easily communicate with patients without potential delays from voicemails.

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PrognoCIS clients: contact a representative to learn more about how you can receive PrognoCIS Productivity Features.

Prospective customers: schedule your consultation today to learn more about PrognoCIS EHR.

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