Podiatrists probably spend the most time out of the office than any other physician. Closer in resemblance to doctors of the days of yore, black bag in hand, they go to the patient rather than the patient coming to them. What once required a thick notepad or a keen memory to recall a home visit patient encounter; Bizmatics’ Progno-Synch technology, in conjunction with their PrognoCIS podiatry EMR solution, allows podiatrists to take their EMR templates with them wherever they go.

Giving physicians the ability to synchronize their laptops and create offline patient encounters, Progno-Synch is getting some traction with podiatrists, says Ian Daniels. Whether in remote rural areas with slow internet speed or in nursing homes without Wi-Fi access, a patient can be seen on a standalone database. It works like this:

  • The database from the PrognoCIS cloud-based server is synced to a laptop
  • The physician synchronizes the laptop to set up a patient encounter offline
  • At office after the home visit, the laptop is re-synced with the server
  • Keeping the load time short, synchronization only looks for data that’s different – whether it be new or modified and adds it to the server database

The benefits of using Progno-Synch are not limited to just the podiatry field and can be applied to all specialties and practices. However, physicians who travel more reap the most benefit. “The upside,” says Daniels “is that they get the response speed of a live application locally.” This unique service allows physicians to accurately document patient data during a home visit without losing the integrity through handwriting legibility errors or lapsed memory. Progno-Synch is available as a package option with the PrognoCIS EMR solution.

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