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Patient Portal UI

  1. Quick basic or detailed self-registration allowed based on the client’s requirement.
  2. The dashboard on Homepage, providing easy access to most used utilities in the Patient Portal like viewing upcoming appointments, making online payments, viewing messages, health reminders, Primary Care Physician information, etc.
  3. Enhanced Appointments module with intuitive features like Provider profile information, appointment type selection whether it is In-clinic or Telemedicine, upgraded appointment slot display, and list of upcoming appointments, and Past visits. 
  4. Redesigned Message Center.
  5. Supporting major payment gateways for online payment from Patient Portal whether it is Appointment payment or Bill payment.
  6. Easy access to Personal Info and resetting of Patient Portal login credentials.

  1. Independent quick appointment scheduling utility
  2. Customizable workflow including Location & Provider selection, Online Payments, filling up of Intake Forms, etc.
  3. Appointments for multi-services/multi-sittings treatment/consultation packages supported
  4. For existing clients, the Book Appointment Page feature can be utilized by configuring PrognoCIS Patient Portal App
  5. If required, can be embedded on the Patient Portal Web

Patient Portal App

  1. Book Appointments Page workflow can now be enabled on PrognoCIS Patient Portal App providing feasibility to the clinic to choose between supporting existing regular encounter workflow only or supporting advanced quick appointment booking workflow.
  2. Online payment for Telemedicine Appointments can be added to the Telemedicine workflow on the Patient Portal App.
  3. Online Bill payments can now be done from the Patient Portal App.
  4. PrognoCIS’s in-house video communication solution for Telemedicine – ProMeet is now available via the Patient Portal App in addition to Zoom.
  5. Enhanced Video Consultation feature with updated notifications like Provider yet to start meeting, Provider has kept on hold, etc.
  6. Periodic text reminders are sent.
  7. Telemedicine appointment confirmation and payment confirmation emails are sent.
  8. New Patient workflow consisting of filling up Intake forms, signing consent forms, etc. are now available on the Patient Portal App.

Employer Portal

  1. Now, the Employee Management module is supported in the Employer Portal where the Employer or Employer User can add an Employee from the Employer Portal directly and/or view List of Employees.
  2. Employee Profile information can be maintained by the Employer.
  3. Supports uploading of Employee’s photograph that will be available on the Employee Details page.
  4. Display list of Employees associated with the Employer along with the feasibility of Employee Search and Adding of the new employee record.
  1. Supports viewing of the Current Outstanding amount for the Employer.
  2. Online Payment supported on Employer Portal.
  3. Supporting major payment gateways for online payment from Employer Portal.


Attorney Portal

  1. Copy of Client List displayed on the Attorney Portal Homepage can now be downloaded on the local drive-in .csv and .xls format
  2. Client List on Attorney Portal Homepage can now be sorted across all displayed data.


  1. PrognoCIS is upgraded to support the latest Surescripts Standard v2017071 in order to be compliant with the latest standards of ePrescription
  2. Real-time fetching of patient’s Formulary information along with Prescription Benefit Information.
  3. The advanced algorithm used to maximize the fetching of the patient’s eligibility.
  1. Medication History module updated based on NCPDP SCRIPT Version 2017071
  2. Availability of PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) extended to CA geographical region.
  3. New intuitive Medication History UI.
  4. Upgraded algorithm to fetch accurate Medication History based on patient’s consent.

EHR Enhancement

The referral management module allows users to enter details of referred patients, followup, send internal messages, and send letters and other important documents to insurance and referring providers.

Referrals can also be filtered based on various criteria. The referral tracking screen allows users to track referrals to completion.

Accept referrals and book appointments or Reject referrals and document the reason for rejection. Read more

Edit lab and radiology results attached as PDFs files directly from within PrognoCIS.

The editor allows users to add tick and cross marks, add text, add clinic user names and signatures, and also include a freehand signature option.

Option to add signatures for other users can be limited to specific users.

Introduced a new PreAuth module to track requests for authorization for Procedures, Labs, Radiology, and DME.

This module allows users to:

  1. Send authorization letters
  2. Attach the response received
  3. Send appeal letters
  4. Update order statuses

PrognoCIS users can now use e-payment services via two new epayment partners in addition to the existing ones.

New epayment partners include:

  1. Stripe
  2. Authoritze.Net

PrognoCIS users can now share patient education material directly embedded within the encounter using material from MERCK Manual who we partnered with.

Changes to E&M codes beginning 2021 will be incorporated.

Summary of changes:

  1. New patient service code 99201 is now obsolete.
  2. Service codes for New and Established Patients will now be based on Medical Decision Making and Time Factor only.
  3. New Prolonged Services code 99XXX introduced for services greater than 74 minutes.

Telehealth Enhancements

With the introduction of the in-house video conference that is integrated without the encounter, the user can manage video visits smoothly.

The VC module includes features such as a virtual waiting room, a chat option between participants, and a screen share option for clinic staff

Our VC module is unique as it allows simultaneous video visits by multiple users at the clinic.

For clinics that are looking for a Telemedicine solution, we have introduced CareTimeMD, a complete telehealth solution for practices using EMRs that do not provide telehealth services.

Available in two variants to suit individual practice needs:

  1. Standard – Telemedicine and basic encounter documentation
  2. Premium- Telemedicine and complete encounter documentation

Revenue Cycle Management


Integrated Patient Estimator (Releasing Early-Mid 2021)

Quickly and easily get patient cost-share estimates for the patient
Store and track old patient names and addresses via the history button or UDF button

Associate Financial Class with each Claim
This feature allows selection of a by claim financial class, i.e. Attorney claim, Insurance claim, MVA Claim, WC Claim. A client could also set up their own financial classes and associate to claims for more efficient reporting on claim types.

Enhanced Billing Dashboards to now include customizable month-end reporting
This enhancement on the billing dashboard will allow for a plethora of reports right at the client’s fingertips. It will give a bird’s eye view as well as Key Performance Indicator (KPI) details to identify trends and financial outcomes.

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We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

Please fill in your details with the best contact email and phone number.

All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

Please fill in your details with the best contact email and phone number.

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