What is Telemedicine and it’s impact on EHR

February 22nd, 2018 - By Deeya Ranjan

Telemedicine is a revolutionary healthcare technology focusing on providing remote healthcare services to patients by connecting them with physicians through text, email, and video. Key benefits associated with telemedicine are, convenience, accessibility, comfort, and cost-efficiency resulting in exceptional quality health care.

Telemedicine innovation is changing the landscape of traditional health according to PRNewswire and the Global Telemedicine Market is estimated to grow at around 16.3% over the next decade with a net worth of $78.3 billion by 2025.

Integrating telemedicine with EHR

When integrated with EHR, telemedicine offers additional benefits of improving patient-provider communication. PrognoCIS telemedicine EMR is a pioneer in offering telemedicine functionality to its clients. The custom mobile telemedicine app enables providers to remotely access patient records, prescribe medication, access lab results. Patients avail benefits by virtually accessing health records, scheduling consultation and saving time and money on a physical appearance at the doctor’s office.

PrognoCIS EHR has built a strong and steady relationship with United Concierge Medicine & Management. Keith Algozzine, CEO of Concierge Medicine & Management emphasizes that the collaboration between local doctors and primary care physicians will help improve workflow and provide quality care to patients. Medical providers of different specialties have begun to consider the possibilities of offering this service to their patients.

Paving way for faster, efficient treatment

According to Wall Street Journal – “Digital medicine—including remote monitoring and behavior modification—can improve outcomes in such costly and tough-to-manage categories as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease”

Telehealth virtual medical office visits are the next step in the delivery of highly efficient and effective healthcare. Breakthrough in telehealth technology has enabled physicians to provide medical consultation to patients through internet and handheld devices. Telehealth or telemedicine trending usage continues to grow, and this innovative technology will be more advanced, faster, and used in ways perhaps unimaginable today.

The emergence of Digital Medicine technology

According to HIMSS Analytics – Telemedicine adoption continues growth in 2016 and beyond. “Adoption of telemedicine technology has increased by roughly 3.5 percent per year from 54.5 percent in 2014 to 61.3 percent in 2016 to date”.

A shift from the traditional brick and mortar medical center to the virtual telemedicine path is slowly gathering momentum. The digital medicine technology will create a stronger and more meaningful patient-provider relationship. The promotion of telehealth offering by a medical practice starts with conceptualization and then establishing an actionable business in building a strong and reliable foundation.

PrognoCIS EHR provides value addition by integrating different features into telemedicine application like the zoom video platform. As Medical Providers begin to take this next step, partnership options are available. Improved patient care and enhanced patient experience are further pushing digital medicine technology into mainstream healthcare delivery.

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