PrognoCIS Occupational Medicine EHR Case Study on Productivity and Safety

April 27th, 2016 /
Monica Walker
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Worker on building siteOccupational and Environmental Medicine is devoted to the prevention of injury and illness in the workplace and the promotion of worker productivity. Electronic health records (EHR) software delivers a set of tools for both the employer and the practitioner to manage healthcare for employees.

PrognoCIS’s Occupational Medicine EHR is custom-built to meet the needs of the work environment like injury treatment and pre-employment physicals. The new Employer Portal designed to help securely share the work-related medical information directly between physicians, employees, and employers. Employers who are registered in a clinic can quickly access Patient Visit Documents, invoices with claims, and outstanding payments.

Our Occupational Medicine EHR clients range from major public transit authorities with millions in ridership and thousands of employees to large health provider networks that manage hundreds of care locations and work sites. These businesses use PrognoCIS to optimize their workplace environment with the following goals in mind:
Facilitate exceptional healthcare for employees in order to prevent and manage workplace injury and illness
Accessibility of employee medical records for employers to maintain accountability and make decisions about workplace healthcare
Functionality in compliance with government laws and regulations concerning workplace health as a business partner.

Here we look at how PrognoCIS implements its EHR with some of its clients from around the world.

Optimizing Digital Patient Management through PrognoCIS EHR

PrognoCIS’s primary goal is to deliver an EHR that can most efficiently manage patient-provider interactions. For example, a multi-state health network company in the U.S. contracted PrognoCIS to revamp its digital patient management system to provide more efficient billing management across their enterprise. In addition to advanced revenue management features, other clients have recognized PrognoCIS’ presentation of patient face sheets in a single-screen layout and refill prescriptions remotely using the physicians’ mobile application. PrognoCIS is a cloud-based medical records system, so employers and patients can view worker’s compensation reports, as well as pre- and post-surgery evaluations from the comfort of their homes.

PrognoCIS EHR houses a powerful suite of employee-related medical procedures designed with preventative care in mind. One of the largest transit authorities in the United States uses PrognoCIS EHR to improve its workplace procedures. Many of their existing procedures were either outdated or ineffective at managing the healthcare needs, their 1,000 plus employees, which resulted in high costs to the company. The PrognoCIS team deployed an Occupational Medicine EHR to efficiently manage patients as well as provide the client with useful features like medical surveillance, randomized drug and alcohol testing, DOT-related testing procedures and compliance regulations.

The graphic below displays the available template for rapid drug screenings:

template for rapid drug screenings

PrognoCIS Occ. Med Template.

Catering to the Specialized Needs of Clients

PrognoCIS believes in adapting its EHR to the needs of the client. When the large U.S. health network tasked PrognoCIS with transitioning its paper form submission cycle to an efficient electronic one, PrognoCIS exceeded its requirements. This saved the client substantial time and money in training and implementation. Specific requests from the client have driven several enhancements to PrognoCIS EHR, including interfaces for Health-o-meter, Despiteo Vision Screener, Welch Allyn PropBP devices.

PrognoCIS eased the client’s burden during the transition. The digital forms in PrognoCIS came in a customized graphic user interface (GUI), developed through Acrobat, which to maintain continuity for the client were based on the company’s old paper forms. The documents replicated the paper versions almost identically. The thousands of employees of the health network transitioned smoothly to the new system because of the customized GUI PrognoCIS delivered.

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The Conversion from Paper to Digital

The mere storage of thousands of patient records across various work sites and hospitals is extremely time-consuming and costly. According to our clients, doctors file an average of nine documents for each patient during clinical processing. Now, combine that number with a typical day of receiving, say 30 patients, and you’ve got 270 documents. Finally, multiply that number by 100 hospitals or work sites—that’s 13,500 documents to package, record, and transport to a billing center. What our clients needed was an EHR that consolidated documentation storage. Throughout our process of converting our clients from paper to digital, we’ve documented the various benefits:

  • Reduced costs associated with paper-based documentation: shipping and processing costs, reduction in paper and toner use, and almost eliminating the potential for human error in record keeping
  • Improved workflow: front-end staff do not have to deal with tedious financial paperwork; they spend less time checking co-pay amounts, patient eligibility, and missing charges
  • Easy-to-access electronic financial data: documentation regarding finances surrounding medical centers can be accessed anywhere, leading to more accurate revenue projections

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Further Partnership in Occupational Medicine

The integration of PrognoCIS Occupational Medicine EHR improved the productivity of its clients, as the staff were able to quickly review charts and patient records, giving themselves more face time with patients. The conversion to digital documentation substantially reduced costs associated with shipping and processing paper files, and improved overall workflow.
PrognoCIS continues to work with employers in providing occupational health solutions with employee safety and productivity in mind.

Learn more about PrognoCIS Occupational Medicine EHR and how its customizable software features provide benefits to medical providers at

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

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