Real-Time Prescription Benefit

How Real-Time Prescription Benefit provides Physician and Patient satisfaction

real time prescription

Medication adherence is one of the biggest challenges physicians face. Challenges that often stand in the way of proper medication adherence include the cost of medicines and the need for prior authorizations, which may delay therapy. In many cases, the ability to prescribe therapeutic alternatives that patients can afford, providing up-front, price transparency, and address prior authorizations early can offer significant benefits to both physicians and patients.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit does just that. It’s a powerful tool to quickly identify affordable therapeutic alternatives at the point of care, enabling patients to know the cost of medications before they ever leave your office. Here’s a closer look at a few of the excellent benefits Real-Time Prescription Benefit offers physicians and patients.


Benefit #1


Easily Address Cost

Easily Address Cost with Patients to Increase Adherence

Cost – it’s likely the number one barrier to medication adherence. But Real-Time Prescription Benefit allows physicians to address costs in the office in a way that won’t embarrass them. When doctors see patients that aren’t responding to therapy, it’s possible they’re reducing their doses, skipping doses, or they haven’t even purchased the medication because they couldn’t afford it. Real-Time Prescription Benefit not only helps physicians find patient’s lower-cost options, but it opens the door for these difficult conversations. 


Benefit #2

Price Transparency

 Quickly Provide Price Transparency at the Point of Care

The ability to provide price transparency on prescriptions at the point of care removes unnecessary pharmacy embarrassment and unexpected cost surprises. Patients often are prescribed medicines, only to get to the pharmacy and find out that there’s a large co-pay or it’s not covered by their insurance. Using Real-Time Prescription Benefit eliminates this problem and ensures patients know what they’ll need to pay out of pocket before they leave the office, reducing the risk that patients will walk away without picking up a prescription due to a high cost.


Benefit #3


Find Out About Prior Authorizations Ahead of Time

It’s frustrating to find out that patients leave the pharmacy without a prescription because prior authorization was needed and the prescription couldn’t be filled. Those callbacks are not only frustrating, but they take up more of a physician’s valuable time. Before you even send an e-prescription, Real-Time Prescription Benefit will notify you whether you’ll need to provide a prior authorization, so you’re ahead of the game and can save time later.



Benefit #4

patient satisfactionMake Medications More Accessible While Improving Patient Satisfaction

With the ability to find the most cost-effective solution for patients before they leave the office, using Real-Time Prescription Benefit and offering price transparency actually makes medications more accessible to your patients. For patients who may have a difficult time affording higher-priced medications or those that come with high co-pays, alternative options can be identified quickly and easily. This also helps improve patient satisfaction. A recent poll showed that 80% of adults in the U.S. say that lower costs for prescriptions are extremely important, which means this is a big pain point for patients. The ability to help patients find lower-cost therapies not only increases medication adherence but improves patient satisfaction with providers, as well.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit offers an effective way to deal with many of the prescription-related pain points affecting both patients and physicians. By ensuring medications are affordable to patients, reducing pharmacy callbacks, and offering price transparency, this e-prescription solution ensures everyone is more satisfied.


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