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From our positive experience, I can say without a doubt that all practices can benefit from the many unique features that PrognoCIS offers. One striking factor that differentiates them from others is a very helpful support team. The team is dedicated to helping customers through quick utilization of the system with a guarantee of seamless application.

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PrognoCIS is easy-to-use software and offers a good return on investment for their monthly subscription costs. The interface is intuitive and clinic staff can navigate and locate patient information easily. PrognoCIS can directly communicate with a claim's clearinghouse, credit card payment vendors and now also has an inbuilt feature to conduct secure telemedicine video visits.
PrognoCIS EHR was strongly recommended by an ENT physician in their local area. The referral practice rated PrognoCIS highly for ease of use, flexibility and reliable customer support.

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Overall, despite the challenges anyone would face while adopting any EHR system, especially with ever-changing federal rules for compliance, I am confident that I will go with PrognoCIS again if asked to choose another EHR.

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I have been very pleased with the service I get regarding my billing with PrognoCIS. The team I am assigned with is wonderful! We communicate daily, we work together, all of my questions are answered and problems solved in a timely manner and we continuously work on strategies to make the process more efficient. I could not be more pleased and would highly recommend them to all of my colleagues.
The team is very reliable and transparent in their billing activities. Denials are worked on to the best they could. Our billing manager, Dawn, always addressed any questions or concerns that we have. We communicate with her on a regular basis. Highly recommend Prognocis RCM.
Using the Prognocis EMR system has enabled me quick access to my patient's records and avoid the hassles of looking for patient information which ultimately helped me with better care and at an efficient time. I have found prognoCis more beneficial visually, better interaction and communication with my patients.

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It is with pleasure that I recommend PrognoCIS EMR and Revenue management. I spend less time charting with the user-friendly EMR, and our collections improved immediately with Michelle and her staff of professional billers. To be blunt, they reduce stress. Thank you PrognoCIS.
I would like to take this opportunity to the Senior and Client Manager for the excellent RCM services you have provided through Bizmatics Inc. Weekly calls to check on our billing needs, prompt resolution of billing issues, friendly reminders to promptly respond to the assignments are what make you stand out distinctly from others. It has been a great experience working with both of you. Once again thank you very much and keep up the good work. You guys have a great future.
At SMC Urgent Care, we are very happy with the service we are receiving from the Bizmatic RCM. They are very thorough and detail-oriented. We hope to continue our collaboration for many years to come. We thank you very much for all the good work.
I really appreciate the ability to rely upon Bizmatics Inc to handle the billing. It allows me to concentrate on providing patient care. Gwynn, thank you for your personal assistance and willingness to coordinate, manage, and explain billing.
I have been using PrognoCis EMR for almost five years since 2016. I am using Bismatics for my Billing as well. I am very pleased working with their IT and Billing team with Mr. Sohaib Gagan, the head of Billing. They are professional, thorough, efficient, up to date with insurance companies payers information and requirements.
Dr Hinshaw has been using PrognoCIS for the past 2 years and has been extremely satisfied with this EHR. PrognoCIS solutions have helped increase the financial health of his practice while also helping him in provide excellent patient care. "PrognoCIS exceeded his expectations by providing the following services and solutions." Integrated EMR and Revenue Cycle Management. MIPS and MACRA certified. EMR bundled with appointment reminders, text reminders, out-bound fax services. (Prognofax), Insurance Eligibility, Order Management and more. Interfaced with different vendors – labs, radiology, immunization registries, HIE’s and pharmacy for e-prescribing. Effective task management and internal communication abilities within PrognoCIS application.

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According to PRC “PrognoCIS is simple to use yet robust enough to allow us to track all the data we need. It ultimately helped us achieve our mission of creating a culture where individuals and families are equipped to make life-affirming choices for their health needs”.
This system helps with the efficiency of our operations, providing more time for directing our energies toward patients and our mission - Highlight “We were able to create very specific templates, eRX and specific reports. Due to the nature of the clientele, previously the providers were able to see only 8-10 patients a day” as per Sharon from PRC. Now with PrognoCIS, they have the ability to see double the amount of patients and provide better care as providers have access to the system anywhere, anytime.

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Technology plays a prominent role in Healthcare today. Having the ability to import extensive and highly complex employee demographics from our HR system into PrognoCIS EHR with the help of their custom made import process, has proven to be highly beneficial for us and helped us save a huge amount of time, effort and cost.”
EHR Software User Barbara--MBTA
Barbara B. O'Brien
Project Manager, Massachusetts Bay Transport Authoriy
Prognocis EHR is a modular EHR where every modular block can be rearranged to best fit your practice. Prognocis has a telemedicine solution that directly incorporates into the EHR. They have succeeded in making a straightforward telehealth application for the physicians to use. I have been using the telemedicine in prognocis with such ease that even my elderly patients find so easy to communicate through the prognocis telehealth application. My staff trained for only an hour and were able to learn and understand the workflow in its entirety. Incorporating a simple, clear instruction guide for my patients and sending via email made my patients life easy. I have been using prognocis EHR as my virtual office, enabling me to work from home without loss of any revenue during the lockdown. I highly recommend prognocis telehealth EHR to all the providers who are losing revenue right now with the uncertainty of the lockdown due to the Corona Pandemic.
Prognocis EHR user Dr Kumar M.D
Suresh Kumar
M.D, Diplomat ABPN
“I have worked with Prognocis for about 10 years and have really enjoyed the support and product. The EMR is very convenient for me to access everything I need to make clinical decisions quickly. Ordering test, completing my chart, and sending electronic prescriptions are some of my favorite features. We also use the billing software because it is seamless with our EMR. Our billing staff is able to accomplish their job efficiently using the system. I highly recommend Prognocis. With so many fast changing rules for medical care, the support staff at Prognocis has been very helpful and quick to help our practice excel.”
“I recently moved to Orlando and will be monitoring my Pediatric group closely from there as well as from WV where it is located. I was having a difficult time setting up the Prognosis as the Wi-Fi, computer and location were all new. John Latifi answered my request and worked patiently to set it up successfully. I am very pleased with the prompt support he provided and would like to thank him and Prognosis tech support.”
Dr. Asma Safder
I used that Free EMR for my practice but the structure was too cumbersome and offered no support which slowed me down and prevented me from seeing additional patients. PrognoCIS workflow; however, is easy and I am able to see more patients with better documentation which more than pays for its self.”
“I’d like to compliment one of your employees, Tushar, for excellent service he provided me the last few months. He has helped me sort out all my issues to enable us to “go live” with our EMR in PrognoCIS; he has helped train staff members to use PrognoCIS. Because of his efforts, I was able to find exactly what I needed, get the questions I have answered, and for that, I’m very grateful and satisfied. I have always been pleased with the service I have received from your support team. Moreover, Tushar has the professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeding my expectations.”
“We’ve been a client of yours for the last several months. As such I have been working closely with my implementation specialist, Mishha. I wanted to take this opportunity and write a few words about her. Let me start by saying that I’m extremely impressed with Mishha. I believe you’re very fortunate to have someone like her on your team. She goes out of her way to accommodate clients like us. She has even offered to stay and help after hours and on off days. Mishha is very knowledgeable, extremely polite, courteous and professional, all at the same time. Anytime I’ve had concerns she has been quick to respond and usually resolves the issues at hand. I truly believe she’s a very valuable asset to your company and it’s employees like her who give companies a good name. My experience with Bizmatics is very positive because of her. You have a good product but it’s the customer service which makes your company exceptional. Thank you Mishha! This is how customer service should be!”
“Four years ago I was asked if I was interested in becoming a partner in the creation of a psychiatric practice. My response was, I will do it if you agree to invest in medical software before we open the door. The Doctors looked closely at five possibilities. They decided on PrognoCIS. We now see 150 patients a week for psychiatric medication management. In my opinion, Prognosis has made all the difference.”
Dr. Neal Toulan
Psychiatric Care and Counseling
“PrognoCIS gets 2 thumbs up for customer service!”
Dr. Imas
MD, Nevada Pain Medicine
“I’d like to take a minute and tell you about our Bizmatics support representative. He has been absolutely wonderful and helpful to all of us at Invex Medical. He’s always patient, kind and knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure to work with him and your company. He continues to answer our questions. And because of this, our client Uncommon Care is very pleased with Invex Medical. We look forward to our continued partnership. Thank you and have a wonderful day!”
Kristina Ronnfeldt
Medical Billing Services Manager
“As you know we had a previous program that it didn’t work out with for many reasons. So far, Prognocis is the complete opposite. You guys are so quick and efficient and have dealt with all of our requests in a timely fashion, and we truly appreciate it. The changes made to our Vitals section and the addition of the Birth History look great. Thanks again for doing it so quickly.”
“I’d highly recommend Bizmatics because as a practicing physician, my time is valuable to me. Instead of sitting through time-wasting demonstrations with EMR systems that wouldn’t work for me; I identified myself and my practice needs to Bizmatics, and they did the rest. All at no cost to me or my practice.”
Dr. Marcus Roberts
“I just received the $18,000 EHR incentive check yesterday. I appreciate all your assistance throughout this complex process. Everyone at Bizmatics has been very attentive to all our needs. Please let me know when we must meet again, possibly this month so we can make sure we’re up to date with next years requirements.”
Dr. Gus Constantouris
“I felt that I needed to contact you and say that the service we’ve been receiving from Om is fantastic. You’d never think that he has other clients. The individual attention to detail and service has been above and beyond! We at the Lake Region Urgent Care are truly happy and completely satisfied with the Prognocis EMR system thus far. I’m very happy that this was the system I chose for the clinic. I just wanted you to know how thankful we are.”
Jim Panton
RN, Lake Region Urgent Care
“I’d like to bring to your attention the quality customer service our Implementation Specialist has given Valley OBGYN Medical Group for the 7 months. As Director of Valley OBGYN Medical in my 20 years experience in Human Resources, I have never had such professional customer service. I’ve been through 10 conversions and know that there has never been an easy implementation of a new system. Yet your team member has made the EHR implementation successful. She hasn’t only been prompt in returning my emails and calls, she also follows up to ensure the issues have been resolved. She’s always friendly and even when its past her normal hours, she’ll take the time to always help me. I couldn’t ask for a better Implementation Specialist.”
Chablie Martinez
Valley OBGYN Medical Group
“Starting with the sales process, we were impressed with Prognocis. They set up the demos with the vendors and they were patient and very helpful in answering all of our questions. Once we made our decision on an EMR product, they’ve continued to assist us with our hardware and IT needs as well as being there for us when we have any questions or concerns. Prognocis is the only way to go.”
“Bizmatics provided us with a couple of EMR solutions from which to choose. Once we made our selection, we were assisted by them every step of the way, through the entire installation, training, and implementation process. I know I can call them and they’re there to help us – all at no cost to our practice.”
Dr. Arnold Goran
“Today the team began taking a laptop into the exam rooms and is entering data on the face sheet, using the diagrams to do the physical exams and are completing the assessment with codes and firing off the encounter to billing. The Doc is really pleased with the progress made due to the ease of implementation. We never got this far with our current system. They used it for EPM only and continued to use paper charts. We’re well on the way to going almost paperless.”
“When I first called Bizmatics, I told them what I had currently in place and Bizmatics brought me the solution. Bizmatics streamlined the entire process and helped me focus on where I needed to.”
Hampton Eye Physicians
“Just wanted to say that you’ve made this whole thing a really painless experience and I feel fortunate to have found your website by chance.”
Dr. Dewey Pillai
collaborating medical professionals

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Most clinics face similar challenges with their EHR and Billing. We hope it provides a better understanding of our commitment to customer care

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

Please fill in your details with the best contact email and phone number.

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