Since we’re about halfway through North American Occupational Safety and Health Week, let’s review some key concepts of Occupational Medicine. In order to maintain accountability and make decisions about workplace health care, the employer needs to be able to communicate with the provider to access and manage employee medical issues in concert with their occupational clinicians. In the past, when record keeping was done primarily on paper, this complicated by the manual routing of paperwork, often transported via the patient-employees hands or mail. Today, PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for Occupational Medicine improves management of healthcare in the workplace with digital tools.
One of the latest tools in PrognoCIS Denali’s web-based application is the integrated Employer Portal. This portal is designed to help securely share the work-related medical information directly between physicians, employees, and employers. Employers who are registered in a clinic can quickly access the following:

  • Patient Visit Documents
  • Invoices With Claims
  • Outstanding Payments

Providers can securely share occupational health records, such as occupational illness, accident, or injury records using the employer portal. This streamlines the processing of claims because employers can take action by easily tracking aging items like claim invoices, payments posted, and other related occupational health records.

The Employer Portal, Revenue Cycle Management, and Debt Collections

PrognoCIS’s Employer Portal is especially useful for claims processing. Employers can track aging buckets, claim invoices, payments posted (or not posted), and much more. Not many EHRs offer similar functionality because our Employer Portal was made specifically for Occupational Health practitioners (and is also useful for other specialties).

In addition to the Employer Portal, we also offer Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), our medical billing services. PrognoCIS provides a dedicated medical billing staff to your practice to ease the administrative burden of medical billing and speed revenue cycles. As a part of this service, we partner with medical debt collection company Transworld Systems (TSI) to provide Medical Account Resolution Services and ensure that your practice resolves patient debt swiftly and accurately while maintaining a positive relationship with the patient. PrognoCIS RCM Services come as a unified solution, fully integrated with our EHR.

PrognoCIS Occupational Medicine EHR

PrognoCIS’s Occupational Medicine EHR has a wide variety of simple templates for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, including injury treatment, pre-employment physicals, medical surveillance, instant testing for drug and alcohol use, specialty and therapeutic care, DOT-related testing procedures and compliance regulations, urgent care procedures and visit-related care.The practitioner can easily access patient records, document hospital rounds and prescribe medication remotely. Employers who are registered with the clinic can view employee documents easily and securely and statements with the Employer Portal.

Employers can also access worker’s compensation reports, and pre- and post-surgery evaluations. The EHR includes Rx Helper, a powerful prescription analytics tool that uses millions of de-identified prescriptions. Charge capture is an automatic by-product of your documentation. The practitioner can create customized SOAP note templates, receive E&M coding assistance, and use the convenient texting feature for appointment reminders. PrognoCIS EHR for Occupational Medicine is HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 compliant, and Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified.

If you’re interested in learning more about PrognoCIS EHR features, read this blog post.

You can also find out more about the Employer Portal in a recent press release, curated from PRWeb.

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