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Medical Revenue Cycle Management Software from PrognoCIS

PrognoCIS Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Medical Billing services to combine EHR workflow and payment collections into a simple, single source. While you provide the medical services, we will provide:

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Webinar: 10 Key Financial Reports for Successful Practice Management

Join our medical billing expert and PrognoCIS Director of RCM, Kristen Nehk, as she discusses the 10 key financial reports to assist your practice using PrognoCIS medical billing services. Jump to the key points listed below or download the 10 Key Financial Reports for Successful Practice Management Webinar Slides.

  • EMR: Daily Collection by User (3:08) 

  • Average Reimbursement by Code by Insurance (6:47) 

  • Charge Reimbursement Report (8:40) 

  • Billing: Daily Collection Report (11:43) 

  • Groupable Billing and Collection YTD (13:27) 

  • Waterfall Report (15:25) and AR Rollover Report (17:48) 

  • Denial Report (19:09) 

  • Copay Deductible Collection vs. Resp-Detail (21:10) 

  • Insurance Paid less than Contract Amount (22:10) 

  • Questions (24:05)

Request your FREE custom medical billing analysis from PrognoCIS today to see how much your practice could be saving.When you sign up for PrognoCIS Medical Billing Services, we also offer you a comprehensive package of our Premier features, including:

PrognoCIS Medical Billing Services offer account resolution to manage your billing. Our partners at Transworld Systems will work with you to contact patients to settle statements. Learn more about Medical Account Resolution Services.

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