Save EHR Clicks by Auto-Import of Vision Data and Custom ICD Codes

April 28th, 2017 - By Matt Garnese

The latest enhancements to PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software save time pulling patient data from clinical devices, simplify reporting with custom ICD codes, and deliver enhanced printing and reporting capability. Be sure to check the EHR blog for regular updates about product enhancements.

Save Time and Eliminate Manual Errors with Depisteo Interface

PrognoCIS now includes an interface for Depisteo Vision Screener that pulls patient vision data directly into the EHR, saving time and eliminating the possibility of manual error. The Vision Screener enables the provider to perform visual tests and to screen and diagnose patients based on their vision readings. With the new interface, Depisteo Vision readings are automatically associated with the patient’s PrognoCIS medical record.

To access the Depisteo machines in the clinic associated with PrognoCIS, the practitioner clicks the icon in the Specialty screen, and a popup will appear with the listed machines. The practitioner simply selects one of the available Depisteo machines from the popup, clicks ok, and PrognoCIS pulls the patient’s details from the machine and displays them in PDF format. PrognoCIS displays the patient’s vision record on the Document List screen, with the following details:

  • Person: displays the logged in User
  • Description: displays the Vision test date
  • Type: displays as Machine Interface
  • Category: displays as Depisteo Interface

Simplify Quality Reporting with Custom ICD Codes

Prognocis EHR Custom ICD Codes
Two new fields have been added to the ICD Master screen which allows practitioners who haven’t fully migrated to ICD-10 to associate custom ICD 9 codes with standard ICD 10 and SNOMED codes. A new search field allows the practitioner to quickly search and select standard ICD 10 codes. In the search, PrognoCIS displays the code’s Full Name instead of the User Name that ordinarily appears in the description field, which prevents the displayed name from being shortened.

To access this new feature, go to Settings > Configuration, and under Custom/Codes column, click ICD.

New Time-Saving Features in PrognoCIS for Printing, Billing and More

In addition to the above enhancements, PrognoCIS EHR software has the following updated seven features:

  1. The Billing module now automatically fills out Ordering Provider (on the CMS Flags popup) details for In-house Lab/Radiology with CPT/HCPCs.
  2. When the practitioner hovers the mouse over an empty appointment slot, the entire row is highlighted in purple, and occupied appointment slots are not highlighted. This makes selecting appointment slots visually easier.
  3. All group types can now access Online Help by going to Settings > Configuration > Groups column > Group Types.
  4. The practitioner can remove or deactivate older Growth Charts, which the CDC has replaced.
  5. There is now the ability to print the Up to date of current medication drugs for tags and properties related to current medication. The current medication tag extension, 12 has been allocated to print the Up to date.
  6. The Remarks field of Test Exec screens now allows for the entry of special characters, such as #, ^, <, >, and “ ”.
  7. The Clinical Staff now displays staff designation in addition to the staff member name on CCD exports.

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