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An ongoing Software Advice survey has shown that many EHR users are more interested in using a patient portal instead of any other features, such as health information exchanges and e-prescriptions. Their main goal is to improve efficiency for their practice as well as for patient care. 35% of users reported that they’ll be investing more in patient portals in 2014.

It has also been observed that mobility has become increasingly important. More and more users are accessing EHR systems through mobile devices:

  • 35% use tablets
  • 20% use smart phones
  • 17% use ONLY portable devices for system access


The three factors reported by users as major challenges regarding their EHR systems are:

  • Integration with other systems
  • Decrease in productivity
  • Customizing the system

On the subject of meaningful use; however, only 9% felt it was a major challenge and 32% of users didn’t view it as a challenge.


Though there are several hurdles to be overcome, most respondents felt that the benefits of EHRs were more helpful than the challenges were hindering.

  • 86% of users said that the system offered easier access to records
  • 85% felt records were more robust and legible
  • 79% thought their system provided accurate/profitable billing
  • 78% were satisfied with the drug interaction alerts

The survey also showed that, when the data was organized by practice size, more users in smaller practices reported being “very satisfied” with their systems than those in medium and large sized practices.

Software Advice will continue their survey throughout the year to obtain a clear understanding of how EHR users feel about their systems.

Author: Apoorva Anupindi

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  1. While patient portals are extremely important, providers need to use an EHR system to its full potential in order to really improve patient care. Using features such as HIE and e-prescriptions can have a lot of benefits.

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