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Medical Specialty EHR software with easily customizable workflows, templates, and content that works on all devices. You can schedule a live demonstration where we will demonstrate the extraordinary versatility of our EHR software.

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What do you Get from PrognoCIS Specialty EHR Software?

Your specialty has unique needs for medical billing, practice management, and EHR solutions. While one-size-fits-all systems can leave you fighting your technology, we built our solution to be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate the specific needs of practices just like yours.

Medical Providers look for fundamental building blocks like customizable templates for documentation and data collection, convenient, click-saving features for effective time management as some of the vital aspects of their EHR. The other important functionalities include patient charting, e-prescription monitoring, diagnostic lab orders, medical coding and the encounter note, the final document, which is unique to every patient visit.
The medical specialist on the other hand focus and demonstrate excellence on specific human anatomy both physically and behaviorally. Medical Specialists are called for patient care when the Primary Care Physician needs a more comprehensive evaluation of the ailment. The specialist after treatment provides a copy of the patient’s encounter note back to the patient’s primary care physician. This mitigates duplication of efforts, prescription errors and more.

Support First Call Resolution
Specialty Workflow & Content

An efficient patient-physician communication is vital for them in providing holistic, patient-centric care and management. To achieve their goal, Medical Specialists look for EHR that caters to their unique needs for documentation, data collection, and treatment. This documented patient visit provides a reason for the visit, personal medical history including family history and more.

PrognoCIS EHR for Specialists delivers custom EHR functionality with specific templates and features optimized for your practices’ specific needs.

Customizable templates to accommodate your clinical processes and data collection needs. The ability to customizable templates and modify as required at the point of patient care is a unique feature and it allows each patient visit to be comprehensive, complete, and satisfying along with details on follow-ups, further evaluation or treatment plan.

Medical providers delivering specialized care have different medical billing and coding needs as instructed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The ICD -10 code is very specific to identify the reason for the visit. PrognoCIS EHR is ICD-10 compliant.

Our EHR demonstrates Interoperability with e-prescriptions, referring physicians, diagnostic lab orders.

It is scalable from solo physician practice to large, multi-location.

It is HIPAA compliant and Meaningful-Use Stage 2 certified

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