Instantly Substitute Prescriptions, Create Custom Tables of Contents

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Instantly Substitute Prescriptions, Create Custom Tables of Contents

Greetings! Here are the latest product enhancements to PrognoCIS EHR software. It is our mission to help you stay informed about all refinements to our EHR. They improve your practice’s capabilities for e-prescription, patient encounters, and the patient portal.

Instantly Substitute Inactive Drugs for Equivalents

You can now easily find replacements or equivalents to drugs as soon as they become inactive. When a drug becomes inactive, it is displayed as a hyperlink, as seen below:

When you click on the hyperlink, a popup screen gives you a field, which allows you to search the drug name and find its respective alternatives. See below:

You can then select the drug from the popup and click OK. The existing inactive drug on Prescription screen is replaced with the new drug. The respective drug details are fetched based on the eligibility, if available.

You can also find additional details on prescription drugs, such as the following. The system will check if the same dispensable drug is present in the Doctor’s Preferred List. If present, the details are fetched from there. If the drug is not present in Doctor’s Preferred List, the details are fetched from the Clinic Preferred List. For more details, visit our e-prescription page.

Create Your Own Table of Contents based on Encounter Type

You can now create custom Tables of Contents (TOC) options for Encounter and Review, meaning you can set the specific items you want to see (face sheet, vitals, social history) per encounter type, by simply checking the items you want in the TOC. For ease of access, you can also rearrange the sequence of selected TOC Options using Move Up and Move On buttons on the TOC Encounter/Review Options popup.

Control What Your Patients See in the Patient Portal

With this new feature, you can show (or hide) progress notes about past visits in the Patient Portal. You can share information with your patients about an Encounter, or maintain that information within the clinic. A checkbox, Hide Progress Note, in Past Visits on the Encounter Types Master screen enables you to hide the Progress Notes with that Encounter Type on the Patient Portal. Check the box to keep the reports hiddin, and uncheck the box so they will be accessible in the Patient portal. Follow this path to enable the feature: Patient Portal → My Health Records tab → Past Visits → click on Report link under column Visit Notes → Progress Note

We are constantly improving PrognoCIS EHR software to reflect better the needs of the medical provider, and are always looking for new ways to refine our tools and make healthcare more efficient. For even more information about PrognoCIS including FAQs, user guides, and videos, visit Check in on our EHR blog periodically for the latest industry news and software enhancements.