Delay for Implementation of ICD-10 Will Hurt Practice Owners

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On Monday, March 31, the Senate voted to pass a bill that would patch the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) and delay ICD-10 until October 2015. The bill now moves to President Obama, who is expected to sign it into law. While many physicians support the delay of ICD-10, the health IT community isn’t comfortable with pushing the deadline any further.

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has been very vocal about the delay. Their president, Lynn Thomas Gordon, argues that another delay for the implementation of ICD-10 will put the United States behind other nations. All of the other industrialized nations are already using ICD-10 to improve their quality of care. The longer we wait, the more we’ll fall behind.

There will always be an excuse to push back the deadline, but these excuses will only postpone the inevitable. Much of the burden of another delay will fall on practice owners. Practices that are unprepared for the changes ahead have another year to get organized, while practices that have worked tirelessly to meet the October 1, 2014 deadline will not be rewarded for their efforts.

AHIMA officials have stated that they will work to clarify any questions about the delay and they’ll continue to work with government officials to implement ICD-10 as quickly and effectively as possible.

Author: Lauren Daniels

5 thoughts on “Delay for Implementation of ICD-10 Will Hurt Practice Owners

  1. This is a hot topic! I think the deadline should be kept and more assistance should be given to practices, so that they can meet the ICD-10 October deadline.

  2. The ICD-10 deadline has already been delayed and therefore should not be pushed further. While it will be an adjustment, the ultimate goal is to improve patient care.

  3. While some people are happy about the delaying, all IT vendors are not exactly thrilled by it. The reality is that ICD-10 implementation has to happen. It has already been postponed twice now and every time it has caused disruption to all the constituents like providers,billing community, software vendors and consultants. The same cycle will happen again on 2015 and hopefully there won’t be any more delay

  4. I think the previous deadline should have been kept in place and more should have been done to help practices meet the requirements. Pushing back the deadline only delays the inevitable.

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