There are many reasons a company may be unhappy with their EHR and currently shopping to find a superior product. Knowing the ins and outs of things like data extraction, data format, and time-lines for extraction and delivery become very important.

Unhappy With Your EHR?

Some medical practices have an EHR currently in place, but are looking to make a change. The typical reasons a medical practice may change EHR vendors include:

  • Medical providers have grown beyond the technical capabilities of their current EHR solution
  • Poor customer service and technical support from the current EHR vendor
  • Medical practices merging or selling out to the hospital and must fold into a different EHR
  • EHR product being used becomes phased-out or no longer supported by the manufacturer
  • The EHR company goes out of business

The list provided is intended to show some of the most typical reasons for leaving an EHR software program. If your practice is in a similar situation, an important question needs to be addressed: “How do I get my electronic records from my current EHR to a new EHR program?”

In an effort to maintain a health summary standard or Continuation of Care Record (CCR), the exploration with prospective EHR vendors must be addressed and verified. Typically, the current information can be transferred, but with some restrictions and computer programming to be agreed upon.

Before you begin, follow these easy steps:

1. Check with your current EHR company regarding their preferred way to extract your data.

  • Will there be a financial cost for data extraction?
  • How is your patient data prepared, supplied, and in which format can you expect it?
  • What is the timeline from notification to extraction and delivery?

2. Confirm with your prospective EHR company regarding your preferred way to receive and input your data.

  • Will there be a financial cost for bringing the data into the EHR?
  • Has your prospective EHR vendor worked with your  current EHR in the past?
  • Was the data import successful?

GE Centricity is the latest EHR vendor to call it quits for the small-sized physician medical practice. Currently, PrognoCIS EHR is working on a special promotional package to help current GE customers transfer their patient records in a CCR-compliant fashion to PrognoCIS EHR.

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