In an urgent care situation, patients usually don’t have time to wait, and filling in a lengthy form to establish a new patient portal account may be an additional stressor or patient delay. Other procedures, like a biopsy or skin tag removal, are less-time sensitive and lend themselves to coming by appointment. Taking less severe cases by appointment helps you as an urgent care provider to manage your time effectively in the Urgent Care setting. Procedures, like suturing wounds or treating burns, have to be done quickly.

A new feature of PrognoCIS Urgent Care EHR, PrognoPass, was created based on the requests of some of our biggest Urgent Care customers. It allows patients set their own appointments online quickly and easily, saving valuable administrative time that allows you to focus on providing the best care possible for all your patients. If your practice has a website, you can install PrognoPass today. Your patients can set their appointments in minutes.

How to Setup PrognoPass on Your Clinic’s Website

For Urgent Care practices who already have a website, installation PrognoPass is as simple as embedding an HTML file. The PrognoCIS team will create the HTML file for your implementation, and once embedded we enable PrognoPass, allowing patients to begin setting appointments immediately.

Urgent Care/EMS Admissions Workflows/Templates in PrognoCIS EHR

PrognoCIS EHR has over 100 Urgent Care templates available for your practice. These templates include allergy shots, burn care, biopsies, sutures/suture removals, and many more, so that your staff has the tools it needs to provide urgent care with organized workflows. We provide specialty templates and forms for sports medicine: sports, school, camp physicals; occupational medicine: pre-employment physicals, drug testing, worker’s compensation, worker’s permit.

Additionally, we provide new and returning patient treatment plans for an upper respiratory condition, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, influenza, COPD; wound care and minor traumas: lacerations, abrasions, contusions, sutures; athletic injuries: sprains and strains.

Reduced Administrative Overhead for Urgent Care with PrognoCIS EHR and PrognoPass

As a provider of urgent care and emergency medical services, you need to manage your practice in a time-efficient manner. PrognoCIS Urgent Care EHR provides the templates to admit patients in a simple, optimized workflow. With the addition of PrognoPass, patients in need can set appointments without placing any strain on the administrative team. Your practice saves time setting the appointments and will run more smoothly because less time-sensitive care can be performed in an orderly fashion according to a set schedule, rather than contributing to the already fast-paced, hectic urgent care environment.

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