How is Technology Empowering Patient’s Control Over Their Health?

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Healthcare is quickly moving towards a new system of care. In the past, providers had to handle any and all healthcare problems that may arise for their patients, while also maintaining patient data and managing the practice. However, with improvements in mobile technology, patients are playing more of a role in their personal care. Now patients can access their medical information independently through the many apps and devices that have become available.

For example, there are apps that provide cardiographs. In seconds, a patient’s phone can produce accurate readings and alert the patient to any concerns, all from the privacy of their own home. These apps save time and money for patients and providers, preventing an unnecessary and expensive trip to the doctor’s office or emergency room.

High readmission rates are one of the greatest problems facing the healthcare industry. With new technology being created every day, readmission rates may see a decline in the coming years, as patients become more autonomous.

Doctors will always be a necessary part of the equation, providing appropriate treatments, advanced medical knowledge, and diagnoses. With these technological advancements, patients will not only be able to research their symptoms, but they’ll have access to real time data, tailored to them specifically. Real time data can lead to early diagnoses and ultimately, can save a life.

By providing patients with the tools to access their own information, they can become more informed and feel a greater sense of independence. The future of medicine is in the hands of the patients.

Author: Lauren Daniels

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  1. By having such information in their own hands, patients are more likely to understand their health at a greater level and better care for it.

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