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Document your patients anytime, anywhere

It’s more than Just Video, consider, file transfer, image transfer, e-prescription…..

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the remote treatment of patients by medical professionals through the use of telecommunication tools such as smartphones, and computers. But it's also much more.

What should be considered when choosing a Telehealth App?

Telemedicine and mobile apps should enable providers to schedule appointments, access, and document patient records, and prescribe medication.

Solutions should scale from single physician clinics to large, multi-site and specialty medical facilities.

Practices should be able to communicate seamlessly with labs, radiology departments, pharmacies, and referring doctors.

Evaluating Telemedicine ROI for Your Practice to ensure financial feasibility.


We do all of the above and much more

Other features included with Prognocis Telehealth:

Telemedicine: A Quick walk-through

Watch a quick walk-through of how PrognoCIS telehealth app

Telemedicine Features and Benefits for Physicians:

Telemedicine makes it easier for patients to access healthcare and improves patient-provider communication while reducing administrative costs for the provider. Patients can quickly schedule remote consultations for urgent or diagnostic needs.

Patients in underserved or rural areas can receive expert diagnosis and treatment from specialty medical centers, it also delivers remote in-home monitoring for senior wellness and preventative care. It even supports “real-time” treatment by first responders using wireless devices.

Read our case study on how PrognoCIS has helped United Concierge Medicine revolutionize doctor-to-patient interaction since 2015.

Custom Mobile Telemedicine Apps

PrognoCIS Telemedicine EHR solutions are designed to extend the functions and connectivity of your practice’s EHR software using integrated mobile applications. Text, email and video work together to make patient engagement only a click away, providing the most convenient working conditions to see more patients at lower costs.

Quickly access patient charts, monitor patients remotely and grow your practice beyond your physical location. Read our white paper or request a demo from our experts.

For a complete up to date state by state regulations please visit Law and Policies by State

Prognocis custom patient portal

Contact Us to learn more.

  • Medical providers can see/treat patients across state lines
  • HIPAA Compliant and patient secure and safe
  • Easy to get started
  • Maintain provider and patient continuity of care virtually
  • Keep your practice functioning amidst COVID 19 pandemic without putting healthcare providers at the risk of infection
  • A convenient, safe and efficient way to provide care
  • Serve a larger patient population, thereby increasing revenue

It’s time to take advantage of the complimentary telemedicine module.
 Nothing to lose and much to gain for both your Clinic and Patients alike.

The global spread of the COVID-19 has made telemedicine the safest way of patient treatment. Bizmatics have developed 2 stand-alone telehealth solutions which can be found here Virtual Md

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