The Benefits of E-Prescription for Care Delivery

Save administrative time and costs, as well as providing the most convenient solutions for your patients.

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The use of E-prescription was already on the rise prior to the pandemic because it offers a better approach to the process. As EHR records minimized errors and allowed practices the ability to organize patient records in a more efficient way, e-prescription solutions offer many of the same benefits where medications are concerned. There is no room for error in medicine. As we move forward, providers are also finding that offering services that are convenient for patients are essential, too. Customer service may not seem to be important on the surface, but providers have found that it has a few major benefits..

Benefits of Using E-prescription

  • Patients are more likely to return.
    Healthcare practices have moved more toward a customer service model in recent years because patients are approaching their healthcare services in much the same way that they research major purchases. This pushes the convenience and patient care to a high priority for revenue cycle management.
  • Patients are more likely to comply.
    Patient compliance has a major impact on the outcomes of treatment. This has long been a difficulty for physicians. While they could make lifestyle, diet, and medication recommendations and treatment plans, they could not force patients to follow those directives. And patients often were less than honest about their at-home care. Offering convenient options, such as patient portals, telehealth visits, and e-prescription services that take less time and effort encourages the patient to follow through with recommendations.
  • Increases patient satisfaction.
    Patient satisfaction is an important metric in Meaningful Use precisely because it correlates to reduced malpractice claims and improved clinical outcomes.
  • Can attract new patients.
    Because patients are more likely to look for healthcare providers in the same way that they research other services, offering higher convenience makes your organization more attractive to new patients.

Convenience is one of the benefits of using E-prescription software, but it’s not the only one. Here are a few of the major reasons that the industry is moving more fully toward this solution:

  • Reduction in Medication Error. This is a massive reason to invest in e-prescription technology. A medication error can be costly and life-threatening. It’s estimated that over 400,000 deaths a year can be attributed to a medication error.
  • Heightened Efficiency for Providers. PrognoCIS e-prescribing software gives you the ability to send prescriptions straight to the pharmacy through your portal and even conduct refills through a mobile app.
  • Robust Analytics. Reporting features allow providers to have better oversight of medication management.
  • Access to Information On Medications. E-Prescription software offers ready access to the information that providers need to make informed decisions when treating their patients.
  • Patient History. This technology allows physicians and pharmacists the tools to easily see the patient’s medication history and current prescriptions to immediately detect any possible negative interactions.
  • Ease in Filling/Refilling. This might go under convenience, but the process makes filling and refilling prescriptions much easier. Patients can often save time and have their prescriptions ready for them quickly, cutting down the instances where patients need to wait days for prescriptions which can compromise their treatment plans.
  • Medication Oversight. One great benefit of automating this process is that it allows physicians and pharmacists to be alerted when patients haven’t filled or picked up their prescriptions.

PrognoCIS Patient Portal to Simplify Your Process

The PrognoCIS EHR Patient Portal offers ease of use for patients and providers. Practices get a streamlined interface where they can improve patient engagement in a secure environment. This solution gives you an all in one platform where you can see an overview of your practice and individual patients. Access patient records and communication, view documentation, and review lab results before consultations. The patient portal is user-friendly to encourage a good experience for your patients of every age. It allows them two-factor authentication to keep their account safe, and easy to use features in order to encourage communication.

With the e-Prescribing software, physicians can improve their patients’ safety and care where medication is concerned. The software comes with the ability to e-prescribe controlled substances and tools, such as medication management for adherence, to help deliver the best outcomes to your patients. The solution is integrated with Clinical Direct Messaging and meets all regulatory compliance standards. Your patient information is always protected in a safe environment.

Whether you’re seeing patients strictly via telehealth visits or having them come into your office for in-person screenings, the e-prescribing software gives you all of the tools that you need to manage prescriptions in the most efficient way. This can save administrative time and costs, as well as providing the most convenient solutions for your patients.

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