Today’s EHR Software Price, a Comparison of Free and Paid

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Today’s EHR Software Price, a Comparison of Free and Paid

In navigating the countless electronic health record systems out there and selecting the right one for your practice, price is generally a central factor in your decision. However, it’s important to understand both the benefits and costs of that price.

A Thing of the Past

The materials and personnel needed to create and manage paper records can cost approximately $20 or more, which comes out to $7,300 yearly – more than twice that of an established EMR program. Paper records are also more susceptible to errors and security risks, leading to inefficient services. Nowadays, many providers have made the transition to electronic records. With the growing popularity of EHRs, several options have become available over the past few years.

Free is a Relative Term

Software as a Service (SaaS) programs enable web-based EMRs, which can be accessed via a web browser. Practice Fusion is one such program, marketed as a completely free online EHR, boasting no software or hardware to install and manage. Though implementation is simple for this program, transitioning all your records to a new system and then customizing the system to fit the needs of your practice can require substantial time and effort. In the end, this may be more costly.


When you consider every day things you might spend $8 on, such as a fast food meal, a Frappuccino and pastry from Starbucks, or a movie ticket to a matinee showing, it doesn’t seem like such a significant amount. For a medical practice, it makes sense to invest $8 on an EMR product that can give you more for your money. PrognoCIS is an integrated solution with EMR and Practice Management software, Medical Billing, and Patient Portals. For the low price of $8.33 per day (a yearly cost of $3,040.45), you have complete access to patient scheduling, clinical records, your financial ledger and peace of mind, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Author: Apoorva Anupindi