PrognoCIS to Expand Value Added Reseller Channels

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PrognoCIS to Expand Value Added Reseller Channels

In an effort to assist with current and ongoing EMR adoption by healthcare providers, PrognoCIS is looking to expand its reseller channels and invites a variety of healthcare vendors and consultants to participate. The PrognoCIS system is a reseller–friendly application that can be customized to work with most vendors’ needs.

Who are we looking for?

  • PrognoCIS is looking for qualified healthcare information companies that work with medical practices and are a good resource to assist their clients’ needs as they move towards EMR adoption.
  • We are also interested in building partnerships with medical billing companies who provide revenue cycle management (RCM) services to healthcare facilities. Though many billing companies have chosen to remain neutral on the EMR front, EMR compatibility can be of great benefit to medical billing systems as the industry is headed towards full technological workflow integration. PrognoCIS already works with many medical billing companies through an HL7 interface between the billing software and PrognoCIS EMR.
  • Practice Management software companies can also add PrognoCIS to their system and maintain a stable platform for their medical software.

If you are a medical practice vendor and would like to add an EMR to your portfolio, please contact PrognoCIS EMR. Complete our Contact Us form online or call us at 877-693-6748 for more information.