Web Based EMR Is More Affordable Than You Thought

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It is not hard to get caught up in the headlines today with so much talk and ongoing discussions regarding hard economic times. However with this in mind, life still goes on. A physician practice must forge forward as well. Maybe the thought of EMR is not such a bad idea after all. Many practices like other small businesses are faced with challenging times ahead. So the question begs: How can my practice survive, and what steps can I take to maximize efficiencies in my day today operation? EMR! This idea may scare some this idea may draw some to the light. Just consider the end game. Ask a practice that has gone through a successful implementation and deployment of EMR. I am talking about after the learning curve has been mastered. Ask that practice from the Doctor to the Practice Administrator this question: Would you go back to the paper charting? If the adoption of EMR is in many experts eyes, along with Presidential Candidates and Federal Governing Bodies “an inevitable next step” then why the delay? Cost is what many will claim. But have you looked at the price of a good quality EMR that offers a Web Based Solution? Cost as your concern should go away. Gone are the days of a solo doctor paying in excess of $40 Thousand Dollars. Today a good EMR with Startup of training and customization can go for a mere $3-4 Thousand dollar investment. From there a monthly hosting and access fee less than the cost of paper.

Dr. M. Kane puts his decision into perspective: “At first I was skeptical of keeping my records online”. Many doctors have just not begun to realize the freedom and efficiencies all coming together here. With HIPAA guidelines being met easily by encryption rates of 128 and the low cost of initial investment, my real fears of expense and failure to deploy or now at ease. With prices like this, cost is no longer the nemesis. With some research and guidance, the savings of time and money more than make up for the investment into this medical practice tool. After all, inevitability coupled with high quality EMR solutions here, this option of web based EMR is really a practice savior.

The availability and affordability of a web based EMR can get a practice started down the path to automation today. Just knowing that most of you current computer hardware can continue to be used, and not having to outlay a large amount of cash for a file server and IT support can provide the confidence and peace of mind. For further information please contact www.emrexperts.com and ask for a copy of the FREE EMR eBook. This resource guide can provide you with many thinking points and ideas for continued automation for your practice. Go paperless, go Green