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Contacting customer service to fix issues with your Electronic Medical Records can be somewhat frustrating at times. When you get a hold of a customer service representative, you expect them to be able to fix the issue you are having right then and there. However, the majority of the time, that does not happen. The customer service representative usually will tell you that they will have to look into the issue and get back to you. So you hang up with the issue still lingering and no more information than you had when you called. There are a few things you can do to help alleviate those frustrations.


Contact information:  When you get the customer service representative on the phone, make sure that you make note of their full name.  You will also want to get their direct number or extension.


Current issues experiencing:  Make sure that when talking to the customer service representative, you are extremely detailed.  Explain to the representative what issue you are having but also tell them which patient this occurred with and the date.  If you are able to do print screens of the issue, offer to email them to the representative.  The more information you have to give to the customer service representation, the easier it is to locate and fix the issue. Use today’s technology and ask the representative to look into your system with you.


Ask questions:  Before disconnecting with the customer service representative, make sure that you ask questions so that you know what to expect.  Ask many questions so that you will have a better understanding of the process to fix this issue.  Who will be the point of contact that you can touch base with regarding this issue?  What is their contact information?  How long do you expect this issue to take to get fixed?  Can you please have someone contact me to update me on this issue?


Although your Electronic Medical Record issue may not be fixed when you hang up with the customer service representative, you will at least have a better understanding of what to expect and the time line as to when you expect the issue will be fixed. This information will in return, will not only alleviate your frustrations; it will also give you a better understanding of your issue.


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