Why should you consider PrognoCIS EHR

Author: Chris Ferguson | May 22nd, 2019 | Why should you consider PrognoCIS EHR

Current users of an EHR report a better experience
New EHR users experience a fast and easy startup.
Multiple 3rd party independents proclaim PrognoCIS as high-value EHR

Why suffer through another day trying to make use of a software program you don’t like. Take a 20-minute preview demo of PrognoCIS – no obligation and nothing to lose.

PrognoCIS telehealth gaining traction and best deployment practices are available upon your request. Why not explore this for your practice early in the game because we all see the wave coming and know it’s only growing and will become as common as the usage of a smartphone.

PrognoCIS supports over 23 different and unique medical specialties each of them equally maintained for mature content and provider tailored workflow. PrognoCIS offers a fully integrated EHR and PMS, RCM /medical billing services as well. Many billing service customers often report an INSTANT uptick in revenue thanks to Prognocis’s experienced expert medical coders.