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PrognoCIS ICD-10 Webinars

Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for our ICD-10 webinars. Beginning September 2015, we will hold webinars all month in prepartion for the ICD-10 transition. Click the button below to view the webinar schedule and sign up!


PrognoCIS Online Payments

Swipe Your Co-Pay

PrognoCIS is now able to use a credit card reader to accept co-payment within the application. Request a free demo of our online payment system today.




Our Bizmatics blog is a source of the latest news in EHR, ICD-10, meaningful use, and more.

Doctor in iPad

The Medical App Will See You Now…Not

Medical apps are specific to a person’s healthcare needs but they can’t serve as a replacement for your physician. The value of professional human interaction as it pertains to healthcare is second to none.

ICD-10 Wars

CMS Clarifies ICD-10 Flexibility: Return of the Guidelines

The ICD-10 wars continue…CMS has released a list of FAQs in order to clarify the ICD-10 guidelines they announced on July 6th in conjunction with the AMA.

Telemedicine Market Rising

Telemedicine Market Expected to Rise by 2020

A Healthcare IT News article last week examined the global telemedicine market, predicting it will grow to be greater than $34 billion by the end of this decade.


The ICD-10 deadline is just months away. Keep yourself updated on the latest news with our blog posts or visit our ICD-10 Hub for more information on how to #BePrognoCISReady.

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ICD-10: Exposure to excessive cold of man-made origin
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