Practice Management Workflow Feature to Optimize your Billing

June 16th, 2016 - By Kevin V. Nguyen

One of the most important qualities of a successful practice is effective practice management. Clinics often struggle with creating a solid line of communication between their electronic health record (EHR) company and their billing service, leading to stress, confusion, and financial loss.  One way to remedy this is to utilize an EHR that also provides Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and billing services.  The advantage of using a billing service that is also your EHR is that billers are intimately familiar with both the billing and medical side of the software, and there is zero time needed for training or implementation.

PrognoCIS’s billing module is a financial management tool called Task Assignment designed to facilitate communication between billers and clinical staff.  This allows billers, who may or may not be in-house, to communicate with staff regarding insurance claims, which may have errors or lack of information. Not only does this ease pressure on staff, but it also makes sure all claims are accounted for and actionable. Here we go through the various steps needed to use the Task Assignment Feature.

How It Works

When a patient is seen by the clinic, insurance information is captured and a claim is made. As many of us know, claims are often filled out incompletely which leads to the inability to process a claim. This is where Task Assignment comes in; billers are able to assign tasks to various clinical staff and update them on incomplete tasks. Billers may select from a drop-down menu to assign clinical staff to tasks.

Dropdown menu on Assign To Screen

Billers are then able to assign an action to specific clinical staff.

Entering Tasks on Screen

On the EHR side, clinical staff receives these tasks in real-time, no matter the location. This is especially useful if the practice uses an external biller.

Client-Side Messages Tab

Effective Billing for an Effective Practice

All in all, the Task Assignment Feature creates a system that allows for easily accessible and documentable communication. Claims are never lost between billers and staff; the claims are always on hand and actionable.

The Task Assignment Feature of our billing module is one of the ways we strive to create a comprehensive and easy-to-use financial system for our clients.

PrognoCIS’ RCM and medical billing services combine EHR workflow and payment collections into a simple, single source. While you provide medical services, we will take care of:
  • Dedicated RCM client services manager
  • Eligibility checking
  • Processing of patient statements
  • Build customized scrubber checks to meet state, specialty, and practice specific billing guidelines
  • Claim follow-up to ensure payer acceptance
  • Designated call center to take patient calls
  • Posted updates on insurance payments, patient payments, and denials
  • Denials Management, appeals management
  • All claims touched on day 30, if not paid

Learn more about how we facilitate medical billing here.

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